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Detail View not ballooning properly. Shows "Missing Custom Property: ..."

Question asked by John Vincent on Nov 15, 2016

I am a Newbie to SolidWorks. Previously an electrical engineer for > 30 yrs. Had to reset my career to get re-employed... A whole new world....


This is happening in SolidWorks2015.


A Detail View is not ballooning properly. Balloons work correctly in the view it is derived from, but any balloon added in the Detail View comes up empty. Clicking on the arrow of such a balloon then hovering over its connection point shows:  Missing Custom Property: $PRPMODEL:"DETAILNUMBER" . ( DETAILNUMBER  is a Custom Property used for all balloons and works fine in all other Views.)

> The Balloon text is correctly linked to the Bill of Materials for the Detail View

> I've created the Detail view several times and also restarted SolidWorks.


Any idea what's going wrong?


Thank you.