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Custom Properties, how do i use them?

Question asked by Rob Edwards on Nov 15, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2016 by Rob Edwards


It's my first project working with the property tab builder and I'm unsure the best way to describe my model.  I wondered what is best practice is for situations like this.


A simple example of a door frame, I have a property HINGED

Ideally I would like this to have choice of the following

  • Unknown
  • None
  • Left
  • Right
  • Both


So in property tab builder I could use a list, I could use this property directly in my drawing but I would have to use Excels capabilities in a DT to get it to drive my model.


Alternately I could use numeric codes and/or Boolean

For example

  • -1          Left
  • 0           None/Unknown
  • 1           Right
  • 2           Both


I could then use this property to directly drive my model via equations but I would need to add another equation in my BOM. 

I feel this would also invite 'human' error to come calling.  Radio buttons do a reasonable job of eliminating this, but they are limited to 3 choices



What would be great is if I could have the best of both worlds.  A single control in the property tab builder that created two properties; HINGED_DESCRIPTION and HINGED_CODE


Is there a way to do that? or must I use a DT