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    Design Table API / Macro

    Joe Pickens

      Is there a way to access a sheet2 on a design table using API Macros.


      In my macro i have these lines of code accessing the design table. but it only allows me to access Sheet1 with myDesignTable.Worksheet but i want to access sheet2 as well.


      Set myDesignTable = designTableDoc.GetDesignTable()


      If Not myDesignTable Is Nothing Then


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          Artem Taturevych

          Try something like that (haven't tested):




          IWorksheet::Parent should return the pointer to IWorkbook which you can use to access all worksheets.

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            Mr Omkar Deshpande

            What i generally do=>


            Set swDesTable = swModel.GetDesignTable

            swDesTable.EditTable2 True

            Set xlApp = GetObject(, "Excel.Application")

            Set xlWork = xlApp.ActiveWorkbook

            Set xlSheet = xlWork.ActiveSheet


            This enables you to access the design table as a normal excel sheet & you can do whatever you want. Like, if you want to access Sheet2, you can use


            Set xlSheet = xlWork.Sheets("Sheet2")


            Note: Don't forget to add Microsoft Excel 14.0 Object Reference


            Hope, this helps...