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    Can you add line-breaks to a parameter?

    Wendy Mark

      We have a custom parameter in our BOM table called "Remarks", which we frequently (but not exclusively) use for showing the manufacturer and part number for purchased parts.  We have the column set to wrap-text, which works okay for our non-purchased usages of this parameter.  However, the wrap-text almost never works when we use it for manufacturer and part number, as it generally inserts the break point in middle of the part number.


      Is there a way to force a line break inside a parameter, like you can in an Excel table?



      An alternate option would be to have 2 separate parameters, but I can't find a way to insert 2 parameters into a BOM table, either.


      Does anybody have any ideas?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          John Stoltzfus

          You can stack Custom Properties to get this



          To get this into your sheet layout  you would need to have the Vendor name as a Custom Property then in the drawing format you would need to type ---




          According to the info in your post Lee Spring would be the Vendor Name and LC014A08M is the part number and it should show as;


          Lee Spring-C014A08M


          As for wrapping - I think I would just make the font size smaller or have another template for a longer part file name, just for purchased items...

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              Wendy Mark

              Thanks John, but I couldn't figure out how to do that.  We do actually have 2 parameters "Mfr" and "Mfr PN", but when I added a column to the SW BOM Table it asked me which custom parameter I wanted and wouldn't let me include more than one.  So, we came up with "remarks" where we copy the information we want.  It gets it all in there, but just looks bad.  We can't put it in the drawing format, because our CAD Admins have declined to maintain assembly formats.  We have only one format of each size, and if it is an assembly, we manually bring in a BOM table.  So, the "$PRPSHEET" options don't work.  They wouldn't really anyway, I don't think, because they would give us information on the assembly, not the part on BOM Table Line 14.


              Changing the text size isn't really much of an option, because every purchased part has a different manufacturer and every different manufacturer has a different length of part number.  When we tried it, some lines got so small you had trouble reading them, which defeats the whole purpose.


              We have a work-around we came up with today where we go insert a bunch of spaces between the mfr & part number, and it does work, but my engineers started whining about the trial-and-error method for figuring out how many spaces to add.  Then they started complaining about "this is supposed to be a sophisticated program" etc, etc.  So, I was just trying to find out if there was a way to either bring 2 parameters into a BOM Table column (as 2 stacked lines), or to control where the line-break is.


              If there's no way to do it, my guys will just have to suck-it-up and add spaces.  But I was hoping there was a better way.



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              Bernie Daraz

              If I remember correctly, cut (or copy) and paste works well from a text file on your desktop.

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                Scott Stuart

                If you don't want to do the copy/paste method for entering a carriage return, you can type the unicode, which is Alt+0010. (Hold down Alt key while typing 0010 on the number keypad.)