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Crashing and Customer Experience Improvement Program

Question asked by Eric Snyder on Nov 14, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by Paul Salvador

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I started using Solidworks in 2007. Over the years I have had a consistent crashing of Solidworks. I finally reached a point at which I am tired of the issue and the many various solutions that I have received from my VAR tech support - none of which seem to work.


To make a long story short I have been wrangling this issue in a persistent way with the VAR for about two months now. As a result of my persistence the VAR set up a phone conversation between a Solidworks technical representative and myself. It was quite interesting. I was left with a strong impression that Solidworks has no idea that they have a crashing problem but that they care that we get a good experience. The Solidworks representative cited two pieces of information; Customer satisfaction surveys and Crash Reports.


Regarding these:


1) Customer satisfaction surveys - If you are having crashing issues PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE fill out the Satisfaction surveys and indicate that you are unhappy with the frequency of Solidworks crashes.


2) Crash reports. Please Enable Customer Experience Improvement Program. Apparently if you do they will know when you crash.


I am convinced that:

If we do not communicate our crashes with Solidworks in a clear, polite and helpful manor then they will not fix the issue.

Solidworks has two primary methods of communications: 1) Crash reports and 2) Customer Satisfaction Surveys


Question: If you do not have your SOLIDWORKS Customer Experience Improvement Program turned on...why not? Please respond in this thread.