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Shaded With Edges Selectively Not Working

Question asked by Jonathan Delozier on Nov 14, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2016 by Jonathan Delozier

I'm having a weird problem where the "shaded with edges" option works for everything I've modeled except for one specific railing. The railing was 1 of 2 railings made from the same sketch, and the other railing shades with edges just fine. The railing was made midway through the model, and only recently did the edges disappear for some reason.




I've noticed that this railing stays in the "shaded" mode no matter what my overall mode is..."Wireframe", "Hidden lines removed", etc.


I first noticed this issue right after stumbling through a simulation. It is possible I messed something up over there, however, the railing in question was excluded from that particular simulation.


Any help with this would be much appreciated.