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Reverse the sense of the dimension button in Modify Dimension pop-up...

Question asked by Martin Behling on Nov 14, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by S. Casale

Minor annoyance here that I'm seeing...wanted to know if this is happening to anyone else.

When I double-click a sketch dimension to bring up the "Modify" dimension dialog box, the box appears in a location that puts the cursor right over the "reverse the sense of the dimension" button (opposing arrows at 45 degree angle graphic).  If I accidentally click again after the double-click to open the dialog box, it flips the dimension (reverses sense).  This has resulted in errors in the sketch as other relations cannot hold when the dimension is flipped.  Clicking the button again will flip it back, but depending on the sketch complexity, sometimes the errors don't automatically right themselves.  As a result, I have to cancel the changes to the sketch, and re-open the sketch again for edit. 


I don't know if this positioning is intentional, or if it's just sort of random thing based upon multiple factors on the computer system you're using.

It would seem more appropriate to have the box pop-up with the cursor over the dimension value window, yes?


Is anyone else having the dialog box pop-up with the "reverse the sense of the dimension" button right under the cursor?  Or is it just something that my system is doing?

(I see this in SW2015 SP05 and SW2016)