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Drive part configuration from Assembly Design Table problem: part conf are not shown

Question asked by Federico Boldori on Nov 14, 2016


i have this problem that is driving me crazy. Solidworks is 2016 sp.2.0

I have 2 parts files, each one have ~50-100 configurations created with a design table in excel. They are simple part, a weldment profile that change in lenght. The design table of the parts drive the lenghts.

Then i made an assembly with these 2 parts and created a design table with some configuration. I inserted the the column $configuration@<name of the part file><istance number>

But from excel i cannot select others configurations of part file. The drop down menu report me only the the string (the name) of the column.

See the attached images:

part design table

assembly design table

here you see that the drop down menu is empty.


Any hints???