Sarah Anderson

Helical Gear Teeth Cut-Sweep Problem

Discussion created by Sarah Anderson on Nov 13, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2016 by Robert Conklin

Hey Guys,


I'm trying to cut the space out between two teeth with the cut-sweep function. To specify a helix angle, you choose "Specify Profile Twist" and enter the value you need for your helix angle. This works but it leaves a panel above the cut and whenever this happens, it is unable to perform the "circular pattern" function to cut the rest of the teeth. How can I get rid of this panel and perform the circular pattern function? The gear has 12 teeth. The profile twist value is 41.5 degrees (which provides a 30 degree helix angle). I've attached a snapshot of the gear for reference and the Solidworks part. Any help is appreciated!!


p.s. this has worked with another gear but only at some values for the helix angle. Like only some random values. Others values don't work for some strange reason.