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    Add Note to SketchBlock on bottom left corner

    Sascha Smolny



      i want add a note (with attribute) to a selected block on a drawing.

      The note should be created at the bottom left corner. But how can i find the bottom left corner?

      Currently i add the Note this way:


              Dim mDoc As sldworks.ModelDoc2 = swApp.ActiveDoc
              Dim Pt As sldworks.MathPoint = SelectedSketchBlockInstances(0).InstancePosition
              Dim Note As sldworks.Note = mDoc.InsertNote("Demo")
              Note.TagName = "NoteTag"
              Note.SetTextPoint(Pt.ArrayData(0), Pt.ArrayData(1), Pt.ArrayData(2))


      SelectedSketchblockInstances(0) ist the selected Block Instance (see Get selected Blockinstance in Drawing ).

      So i can set the thext position at the Instance Poistion. But how can i get the bottom left corner from the BlockInstance?