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Solidworks 2017 troubles

Question asked by Ronald van Til on Nov 14, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by Ronald van Til

Installed SW2017 SP0 at a customers location last week. Everything went well, no error messages. Did an upgrade of SW2016.


Everything looked alright, but SW2017 was really slow in opening files from the network. At first I thought that it had somenthing to do with converting files from SW2016 to SW2017 so did not look into it. SW2017 stayed slow however. Today I reset the settings by deleting HKCU-Software-Solidworks (after making a backup off course). Now the UI is missing stuff. The Heads up toolbar is empty, I can fill it with icons but it does not save these changes. The file open slowness has disappeared however.


Anybody suggestions on what went wrong and how to resolve this?