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    Problem in high DPI display with Solidworks 2017

    Ahmad Ghazvini

      I have a laptop with 4k display and I have 2017 version of Solidworks but unfortunately the texts and icons are again tiny , I use windows 10, I have a 15.6 inch screen and the resolution is set to 3840x2160 all of the icons and texts in windows are correct but in some apps I have this problem.My text size is at 250% .

      The first picture is SOLIDWORKS with correct scaling that I did with trick of Dan Antoneilli (it doesn't solve the problem completely for this software, it cause other problems during working)  and second picture is the original scaling in my screen

      Screenshot (17).pngScreenshot (26).pngScreenshot (21).png Screenshot (10).pngScreenshot (22).pngScreenshot (11).pngScreenshot (24).pngScreenshot (12).pngScreenshot (23).pngScreenshot (13).pngScreenshot (25).pngScreenshot (14).png