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A new problem with Hertz cylindrical contacts

Question asked by Gianni Nardoia on Nov 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2017 by William Radigan

Hello everybody,

As the title I'm involved in checking the contact pressure between a pin in a hole.

The theoretical result with traditional formulation is 295 MPa... I assume this is realistic because the prototipe is already fine working from a lot of time... 

I was curious to verify it with simulation... and of course, I supposed not-linear system, the pin tangent in the hole, component contact "no penetration" a mesh control on the surface of both hole and pin, but the result is about 700MPa.

It's there anyone that can suggest some trick to help me to try to converge to theoretical solution? Or at least to obtain a minimum gap between them?

Please find enclosed 3d part, assy and some pics.


Thank you, in advance.