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    How to loft style splines using guide curves joining control points

    Adil Amezouak

      I have two Bézier curves parallel to each other ( for example see first picture), I created guide curves joining the control points of these splines (first picture also).


      My objective is to loft a solid using the style splines as profiles such that the parallel sections of the resulting body are also Bézier curves with control points defined by the intersection of a parallel plan and the guide curves ( see picture bellow).



      I tried to loft a solid using the two splines and the guide curves (all the guide curves are defined in a single 3D sketch). The difference between a section of the obtained loft and the desired one (highlighted in blue) is shown in the picture bellow.



      Any suggestions ?Thanks for your answers.

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          Mark Biasotti

          A little confused by what you want Adil;  Don't you want your Style spline guide curves to intersect your 3 profiles? If so, then you need to to have your profiles intersect your style splines.  Also, are your profiles planar?  - then sketch them on 2D planes first (or sketch guide curves first) and the create 3D points on the 3D sketch style splines to intersect them - one of the great things about Style Splines is that you can make specific points on the Style Spline intersect other geometry. I'd also I'd recommend using Boundary Boss over Loft (many advantages over Loft) - Loft is a legacy feature in which almost all cases, Boundary replaces. See example attached.




          Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 2.11.02 PM.png