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How to loft style splines using guide curves joining control points

Question asked by Adil Amezouak on Nov 12, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by Mark Biasotti

I have two Bézier curves parallel to each other ( for example see first picture), I created guide curves joining the control points of these splines (first picture also).


My objective is to loft a solid using the style splines as profiles such that the parallel sections of the resulting body are also Bézier curves with control points defined by the intersection of a parallel plan and the guide curves ( see picture bellow).



I tried to loft a solid using the two splines and the guide curves (all the guide curves are defined in a single 3D sketch). The difference between a section of the obtained loft and the desired one (highlighted in blue) is shown in the picture bellow.



Any suggestions ?Thanks for your answers.