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Assembly Layout Sketch - Part from Block Instability

Question asked by Ryan Feeley on Nov 11, 2016

Hi Everybody,


I thought I'd post a video demonstrating what I think is an issue/instability in how Solidworks assembly layout sketches work. If you've ever found yourself in this sort of situation pictured below when using this feature, you've probably encountered what I'm demonstrating here. What's the proper way to push Solidworks to fix this? I worked with my Var (Harkridge) on it last spring, but they seemed more interested in exploring how I could work around it than getting SW to fix it.


SW Block Bug.PNG


Video link: Dropbox - SOLIDWORKS Professional 2016 x64 Edition 11_11_2016 3_53_31 PM.mp4


This video shows me creating two blocks in a layout sketch, deriving parts from them, making an aggressive edit of the pivot point locations in one of them to trigger the bug, and then causing a part derived from the other block to flip out. I've had the same issue crop up when being on my best behavior with block edits, but it's harder to trigger in that case.