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Ground Effect Simulation Values Way off

Question asked by Michael Henderson on Nov 11, 2016
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I'm currently attempting to validate a CFD set up with a NACA 0012 by comparing it with the data from the following paper

Unfortunately my initial values that I'm getting at 0deg AoA and 0.3 h/c clearance are incomparable to the data from the paper. I'm relatively new to CFD so I'm not sure if my set up fully correct or my mesh may need further refinement, although it's approximately 900,000 currently. I've attached images of my following set up to summarise, I've used:

-Surface Goals X & Y for Lift and Drag on aerofoil surface and end of wing

-Comp Domain splits through aerofoil, therefore force has been multiplied by 2

-Ground is real wall with velocity = air flow

-Aerofoil surface is treat as real wall


Values obtained for 0deg 0.3h/c, Cl = -0.03, Cd = 0.01

Values trying to obtain Cl = -0.1, Cd = 0.0075




Any feedback will be appreciated