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Design Opportunity @ Kirk Key

Discussion created by Dan Bertschi on Nov 11, 2016
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Greetings Everyone!


Many of you know when I headed back to regular employment, I found this great small company, Kirk Key Interlock, in North Canton.  Well, it's been 1.5 years, and as a result of a few organizational changes, I've been asked to keep my ears open for anyone looking for a new design gig.  I haven't been given much more than that, and I don't want to over-sell to you guys.  In my opinion, I think we'll need at least one, maybe two, strong SolidWorks mechanical designers.  One will be focused on product design, the other may be a mix of product & manufacturing (tooling/fixtures) design.  I'm not sure of timing on this either, I just like to give folks a heads-up as soon as possible.  These will be full-time positions at the North Canton office.


Kirk Key is a small (< 50 employees) company in North Canton, in the industrial area off Cleveland Ave (Highland Ave), across 77 from the Akron-Canton airport.  Our primary products are trapped key interlocks, which are basically deadbolt locks with unique key process schemes that control any given process at a power plant, refinery, food processing plant, etc.  Simply stated, our interlocks ensure that dangerous processes are conducted as they should be, so nobody dies.  You can get more information at our website:  KIRK® - The Leader in Trapped Key Interlock USA Home Page  (www.kirkkey.com)


Kirk Key is part of a larger organization, HALMA (www.halma.com) , a global provider of safety, medical, & infrastructure products & services.


If you're interested, please contact me directly at my work email (direct applicants only, no agencies):

dbertschi -AT- kirkkey.com


Please keep in mind... it's a small company, you'll be working with me daily.  You've been warned!!


Hope to see everyone at the next meeting!