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    change results from scentific to mm

    Mark Greenwell



      In SolidWorks professional package when you run the Simulation Express function you were only able to see the results in scientific format.


      If I had the Premium edition then I would have the option to change the results to show as mm.


      When I raised an enhancement request to be able to change result in the professional package as well I was told it would be implemented.


      Looking at the ER it was closed out as done, however in 2017 when I do a quick Simulation it still show in scientific and I can't see how I can change this.


      Has this actually been changed to allow the result to be changed or is it still only possible in the Premium edition?




      Mark (SolidWorks 2017sp0 Professional

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          James Riddell

          Someone else had a problem similar to this and I vaguely recall that the solution was that the setting had to be selected before running the study.  You might search through the forums for it.  The other one might have been about stress units but it might point you in the right direction.

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            Siavash Khajehhasani

            Hey Mark,

            As you know simulation results' number format can be changed in simulation>options>default options>color chart>number format. But I really doubt it if it is possible to be changed in SimXpress even in 2017 (left 1% of possibility, in case if I am missing something )

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                Mark Greenwell

                Hi Siavash / James


                This is the my point.


                I raised this issue a while ago and the problem was unless you had the Premium package you could not change the units, you were stuck with scientific results.


                If you had the Premium package then you could right click on the results and change.


                I raised an ER on this to get SolidWorks to let you change the units on any package Premium, Professional or Standard.


                I was told this would be implemented and the ER was closed out, seems that it hasn't been implemented.