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Adding the configuration name to the datacard

Question asked by Russell Abraham on Nov 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2017 by Aaron Godwin

We are in the process of implementing an integration from PDM Pro to IFS (ERP system) and we are working with a 3rd party. Unfortunately we have multiple site around the globe that use different PDM Pro DB's hence the middleware will need to be able to be set up using different base variables etc.

As we have a 13 year history with SW and 4 with PDM Pro (Previously we used DBWorks) hence there is a huge amount of legacy data to try and clean up.

Typically we have used the SW configurations to define different versions of the same assembly. For example the base number of the assembly might be NA123456 this may include 7 configurations, of these we might only be interested in 5 of them to be transferred to the ERP system. The other 2 would be used to display the assembly in an open and closed state etc.

I am trying to get the SW configuration number to automatically transfer to the datacard so that when the transfer to the ERP system happens it can filter out the configurations that don't follow the numbering rules and then pass the data to the ERP system. We are using the standard XML output in a transition to output the data.


I have tried various means of getting PDM Pro to fill in the data to absolutely no avail so far. Has anyone out there managed to get this to happen successfully? and if so how is it done?