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Dimension 'xxx@yyy' not found

Question asked by Daniel Crawford on Nov 10, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2016 by Daniel Crawford

I am creating my own toolbox part based off of a standard Solidworks toolbox part and have come across a weird problem.  During the course of modifying the standard toolbox part to create the new part, I deleted a sketch that had some dimensions in it.  Now, when I go to add this toolbox item to an assembly, it gives the error "Dimension 'xxx@yyy' not found", where 'xxx@yyy' is the dimension within the sketch that I had deleted.  How do I go about deleting the reference to this dimension so that I can add the toolbox part into an assembly?  The only way I have found to work around this problem is to add a new sketch with name 'yyy' and a line with a dimension named 'xxx' within that sketch.  It seams as long as Solidworks can find that particular dimension, adding the toolbox item into an assembly will work fine....


Any thoughts?