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    Drawing Template question

    Nelson Ouzts

      How can I set up my drawing title block/template (SolidWorks 2015) so that it returns a revision description based on the Revision #?








      SolidWorks 2015 SP 5.0

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          Tom Gagnon

          Where or how are you currently holding the data of revision level? Simple answer: you link to where the data is.


          In my title block of my drawing template, I express the custom property Revision which exists in the same drawing template, and is linked with the value $PRP:"Revision" . This is because we handle drawing and assembly revision levels separately because one assembly is used to derive three separate drawings which both exist and are tracked separately. It is achieved as shown here:



          Now, if your revision level is located in the properties of the model represented in the drawing, then you will select the radio button in "Link to Property" window to pick "Model found here", where File Properties dialog box will fetch properties for that file.


          Are you using PDM? There may be a different workflow or alternate reference required to link to a property located there. I cannot answer to that as I do not use PDM.

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            Peter Brinkhuis

            How do you define your revision numbers? By hand or using a PDM system? I assume the revision gets stored in a custom property of the part. That means you would need to fill the template with a note, linked to the custom property. You can do that by clicking the custom property icon in the left menu when adding a note, or typing something like $PRPSHEET:"REVISION". Using the menu would be best, zero chance of typos


            If that's not exactly what you mean, please clarify yourself.

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              Nelson Ouzts

              Hmm.  I'm not sure I understand, or maybe my question isn't clear enough. 


              If my revision = 'x', then I want the revision description to say 'y'.


              ..and yes, all my properties that the SolidWorks drawing derives from come from custom properties in the model.  I manually bump the revision level - and right now I'm manually bumping the description (only 3 choices - Preliminary, Initial Release, Updated Drawing) - I was just hoping I could drive my description through my model too.

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                Tom Gagnon

                Ok, I misunderstood your differentiation of two different properties you want to track and display:

                1. Revision Level

                2. Revision Description


                Manually, as you say you are editing it now, is best way I know of. Shown partially in my image, I use DrawingType to display General Arrangement, BOM Balloon Detail, or Fabrication Detail in the title block because those are the principal 3 types I produce, although anything can be assigned to this property as needed. You can do the same with a RevDescription property that you also manually edit.


                If I understand the gist of your question, I think you're asking for text to display Preliminary if Revision = 0, Initial Release if Revision = 1, and Updated Drawing if Revision ≥ 2. That sounds interesting, and I'm curious if that's possible, because I do not know if that is currently possible for one value to be indexed automatically to return a different value.

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                  Jeremy Feist

                  are you using the property tab builder to input property values into your models? (most everyone probably should)


                  I believe the conditional list option would work for your requirement.