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DraftSight on Linux crashes at startup

Question asked by Manfred Amoureux on Nov 10, 2016
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I have installed the latest version of DraftSight on my computer, running Linux Mint 17.3.

Whenever I try to open DraftSight, I have the window asking to activate the copy of DraftSight (which is normal). I choose 'activate now', fill the form, have another window with "Please reactivate the product to continue using it". Up to there, it is similar to what I had installing DraftSight on Windows. But when I then click 'ok' , DraftSight crashes completely and instantaly.

I have tried about a dozen times and got the same scenario every time. I have not received an activation email on my email address.


I wish I could have a look at the logs but don't know where they are.


Any idea how to solve this or at least diagnose the problem better ?