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Fatigue analysis gives error that static analysis is required

Question asked by Aaron Plaza on Nov 10, 2016

Im trying to perform a fatigue analysis on a PCB assembly.  I have a thermal study done with the PCB at 85°C.  I used that to perform a static study to find the deflection with a reference temp of 25°C.  When i move on to the fatigue analysis, i get an error when trying to add event..."you need one or more static, nonlinear or linear dynamic to perform fatigue analysis."


pulled components out of the assembly...looks like you cant run the fatigue analysis on the PCB when its defined as a shell.  I ran the PCB alone as a shell and it gave me the error.  Created a new file and ran as a part and it gave me results.  The PCB dimensions are 55 x 67 x .35 mm so i would assume, shells are required.