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    SW2017 slow dimensions but fast rebuilding

    Richard Wagenaar

      My observations so far is SW2017 is very fast when rebuilding drawing. That

      is really helpfull.  I never saw such a big improvement with my test drawing which

      has a complex assembly of about 1000 parts and 5 sections.


      But placing dimension and editing model dimensions has unnecessary long delays

      which I did not see in SW2015. For me 0.65 sec vs 0.1 sec is a big delay of

      about 0.5 sec. Never saw these delays in old releases too.

      Also, even clicking on the red X mark to exit the dimension menu is causing

      about 3 times more delay than clicking on the green OK icon.

      That seems like very unoptimized code.


      We made a dimension editor ourself with the API and we do not see these delays

      when editing dimension. What a shame that this is necessary to avoid delays.


      Solidworks,  what are you doing with the most used commands????

      It is nice to see improvement in rebuilding but dissappointing to see regressions for the most

      used commands that worked 20 years without unnecessary delays.


      I work with shortcuts for almost every command and use them blind, so a delay is

      very easily disturbing.

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          Adam Hartles

          Hi Richard

          I guess you are using some sort of API to time the delays? I have seen no noticeable difference (by eye) between 2015, 16 and 17 when adding dimensions, but I guess half a second would be tricky to spot easily. I think I can see a slight difference between the red cross vs green tick scenario though.

          If you have stats off the back of API, or some other means of timekeeping, then I think this is worth submitting to your VAR support. They can then escalate to the Developers who write the code, as if they are not made aware then it can never be solved.

          Best Regards