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Restriction of help from VAR's

Question asked by Vlad Diaconita on Nov 9, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2016 by Guest

Does anyone know of any general contractual requirements that limit a users use of the VAR's services. My VAR has been complaining that my use of their technical services is excessive.


I asked the VAR repeatedly if there was anything in writing when we bought the software that limits our use of their services. To date they I've had no clear written response to the query.


The verbal response I received was initially that our use of the technical service was unlimited providing it was not deemed to be training. I've done many of the training courses. A little later I was told that:


  • Of our total yearly subscription payment to the VAR, 80% was for the upgrade of the software and 20% was technical support.
  • The technical support provided by the VAR was only intended as assistance in reporting software bugs.


I'd be interested to hear of others experience in this regard. I'm in Australia.