Brian Cooke

What unlisted new features have you found in 2017 Electrical

Discussion created by Brian Cooke on Nov 9, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2016 by Marc Wilson

Anyone playing around with 2017 yet? What features have you found that aren't mentioned in the What's New documentation. I've found 4 so far.


1. The renumber drawings dialogue is different now, when you right click on the book and select renumber drawings. It allows you to renumber the books and folders too, as well as change the formulas for the book, folder, document number scheme.


2. The font tab of the project configuration has the ability to edit the formula used for the cable labels on the line diagrams and schematics


3. The text for documents in the document tree changes color based on whether you have it open, open and active, or someone else has it open


4. Inserting rails and ducts in the 2D cabinet drawing, after the first click, moving the mouse changes the length from the edge rather than from the middle.