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Problem mirroring part and converting to sheet metal

Question asked by Stephen Braker on Nov 9, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2016 by Stephen Braker

I am having an issue when trying to convert a mirrored part to sheet metal.


What I have done already:

1. Created first part

2. Mirrored in assembly and created opposite hand part

3. Opened opposite hand part and converted to sheet metal

The issue that arises is that there is a slot cut into the mirrored part at the juncture of a curved surface and a bend line.  I think it is coming from the complex geometry, but is there an easier way to obtain a mirrored part that is accurate?  I would like to eliminate the slot to have the parts as identical mirror images. 

In this particular case, I just used the same DXF file from the original part to give the outline to the manufacturing shop for laser cutting, since the parts are identical with opposite bends.  I would like to avoid doing this in the future so that each part file can be independent without breaking the link that allows for the mirroring of changes to the original part.


Any help is appreciated.