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Pierce Point Stability on Rebuild

Question asked by Ryan Feeley on Nov 8, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2016 by Rob Edwards

I have a sketch with a pierce relation to a curve earlier in the feature tree. This curve passes through the sketch plane at two points (imagine a circle drawn on the top plane, and a sketch on the right plane which is intersected twice by the circle). Is there any way I can enforce which of the two potential pierce points are used when the sketch is rebuilt? If I do a full rebuild [CTRL + Q] the relation picks the wrong point perhaps 50% of the time.


Can anyone give me any sketch tips to make this geometry more stable?

My actual sketch geometry is pictured here:


Problem Sketch.PNG


Problem Sketch - Close up.PNG


Doing adding some construction lines to connect a few elements together with a triangle like this might improve things, but this seems like a hand-wavy method to handle this situation.

Problem Sketch - Add Triangle.PNG