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Parts in an Assembly become Undefined

Question asked by Andrew Clark on Nov 9, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2016 by John Stoltzfus

Hello all,


I was wondering if anyone could explain a problem I am having.


When creating assemblies, upon adding a part I always try as much as possible to make sure to fully define that part through mates before adding the next part. However sometimes I notice that upon adding a part and fully defining it, previous parts suddenly are indicated as Under Defined. The mates used to define these earlier parts are all still there, and the part doesn't move when I try to click and drag with the mouse.


Sometimes the Under Defined symbol will go away after clicking rebuild one or even multiple times. Often it will also go away when I suppress the later part (the one that "caused" them to be under defined) and then return again when I unsuppress. So you could say it doesn't necessarily pose any real problems in terms of components becoming loose or anything like that.


Can anyone explain this to me? Is it a bug, or something to do with my design habits, or something else? I am using Solidworks 2015 on Windows 7.


Thank you,



Message was edited by: Andrew Clark Files now attached, problem is in the main assembly file (same name as folder).