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    How to get Current Active Folder Path?

    Sebastian Janik

      Im working on creating an easy macro way of moving files into folders within a current working directory. The Active file path changes based on project folders in project directory.

      So far Ive tried:

      MyPath = CurDir      ' doesn't work

      MyPath = swApp.GetCurrentWorkingDirectory    ' doesnt give me me correct directory jumps from previous folders ive used

      MyPath = Part.GetPathName    ' works but i need to cut off title by Part.GetTitle, but for drawings get title adds "- Sheet" which is a pain to remove since the sheet can be default or custom named depending on person creating drawings.


      Is there a simple way to get active folder path?

      Also is there a way to get drawing name without the sheet?


      Once i get the active folder path, i can save a PDF into the \PDF's folder, send rev's to the \Revisions folder ect.


      Thanks in advance,