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How to get Current Active Folder Path?

Question asked by Sebastian Janik on Nov 9, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2016 by Sebastian Janik

Im working on creating an easy macro way of moving files into folders within a current working directory. The Active file path changes based on project folders in project directory.

So far Ive tried:

MyPath = CurDir      ' doesn't work

MyPath = swApp.GetCurrentWorkingDirectory    ' doesnt give me me correct directory jumps from previous folders ive used

MyPath = Part.GetPathName    ' works but i need to cut off title by Part.GetTitle, but for drawings get title adds "- Sheet" which is a pain to remove since the sheet can be default or custom named depending on person creating drawings.


Is there a simple way to get active folder path?

Also is there a way to get drawing name without the sheet?


Once i get the active folder path, i can save a PDF into the \PDF's folder, send rev's to the \Revisions folder ect.


Thanks in advance,