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    Brian Endres
      We have recently transitioned from PDM/Works Workgroup to PDM/Works Enterprise and I've hit a little bit of a snag (hopefully the last one).

      In Workgroup, we had fairly large project folders, but when you browsed you saw a well organized tree structure that made it easy to find what you are looking for, now all I see is a giant list of files (there's about 7000 of them in one project). As you would imagine, pulling this list up is awfully slow in the File/Open dialog of SW, plus there's no real logic unless you know the specific file you are looking for.

      I would like to get some suggestions as to how to organize our vault better - maybe put all the drawings into one folder? Break the bigger sub-assemblies up into their own folders? Am I the only with this problem (hopefully not)?

      Thanks for any help in advance!

      Brian Endres
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          Jeff Sweeney
          My threshold of pain seems to be about 1500 files per directory. You can have as many as you want, just seems to be too slow after that point.

          How do you divide them up? Some people dived them by project, some by product line, some by customer, some by part number and others by vendor. It really depends on the type of business you are in.

          I personally like to keep the drawings with their parts/assemblies when I can.

          If you have good searches designed, the directory's structure's value is diminished.
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              Shawn Kelly
              Personally, I would worry to much about structure since PDM manages the files in a different way on the back-end. The results are only database results and so the more the longer it takes.

              You might consider not really living in the Explorer view too much and really use the searching ability. In the SW scenerio any assembly or drawing can give you a complete list of references by version, configuration,etc... on bom or contains tab...

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                  Brian Endres
                  We work on very large designs so my current project involves close to 15K unique files at the top level assembly. We do break our folder structure down into a few different departments but there's just a lot of data to manage - which is kind of where Workgroup lost it's abilities - a check in/out would involved about a half hour or more for a simple change.

                  I really don't use the Explorer view that much, but I want to replace a part in an assembly it always seems to be in the giant project folder and I have to wait for the browser, or when I want to save a new component there I am, in that giant project folder again.

                  It seems to me that it's just something we'll need to get used to in the future!