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EPDM crashes on opening

Question asked by Ryan McVay on Nov 9, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2016 by Ryan McVay

I have a single workstation, out of 12, that will crash if the user attempts to open part(s) after the user has initially opened parts that access EPDM vault. This is an odd issue. If the user exists SW and reopens the issue still occurs. If the user logs out of the vault we don't have a problem...again..until he opens a secondary assembly.


This is a brand spanking new workstation. It only had Windows 7 SP1 and then Office 2010. No MS updates. I attempted to install SW and it bombed. I found that I was able to get SW 2013 SP5 installed if I did NOT install the 3DtoScan module. Once that was removed from the installation SW 2013 SP5 would install. Then EPDM went on and then DriveWorks 9.


Yes, I did do the full uninstall of SW 2013 multiple..meaning (10-12 times eliminating modules) that included removing the software, the C++, Visual Studio, Bonjour, Registry keys, UAC, etc..That was fun reinstalling all the MS C++ modules- over and over again. At this point I thought we were good for awhile..then SW started crashing again. At this point the workstation does have all the Windows 7 and Office updates. I have been using the active and deactive KB utility when making any changes to the install.


I've looked at everything from network switch changes to resinstalling SW and a repair of SW, etc. I'm at a loss here.

Any help is appreciated.