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    Clicking an Exploded Step does not Highlight Items

    Eric McWilliams

      Just upgraded to SW 2016 SP5.0.

      I have an assembly open in it's exploded state with multiple explode steps. When I click on any step in the Configuration manager, the parts included in that step do not highlight - I only get the explode direction arrow and axis.


      If I hover (no click) over the step, I do get wireframe boxes over the parts, but with a crowded assembly this is not practical.

      If I right click, and select edit that individual step, then the parts in that step are highlighted. Again, not practical for quick identification.


      I checked with two other co-workers, both 2016, one on SP3, and the other SP5, and both of theirs highlights items when you click their exploded step.


      I cannot find any setting for this. Am I missing something, or do I have a technical issue?


      Thanks for any help,