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Totally wrong simulation results

Question asked by Mark T. on Nov 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2018 by Bill McEachern

Hello everyone! Recently i've noticed that my flow simulation results are a bit incorrect. So i decided to do a little test: I took an official BlueRobotics T200 Thruster model and simulated it.


On the website it is written, that the maximal thrust is 11.2 lbf (which is equal to approx 2.5 N). This force is being achieved with thruster spinning at 3800 RPM

But in my simulation with all boundary wall conditions im getting 71 N. That is too much i think.


Below you can see my (Z) Force data. And in this file you can see the whole thing: Dropbox -

(It's too big to be attached, sorry, simulation results take up 1 GB)



Goal NameUnitValueAveraged ValueMinimum ValueMaximum ValueProgress [%]Use In ConvergenceDeltaCriteria
GG Force (Z) 1[N]-47.20010154-71.36520788-108.9670421-34.41372467100Yes74.55331748635.8106529


I'm really new to all this simulation stuff, and can be doing something wrong... Will be grateful to any help!