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Drop To Floor Feature

Question asked by Alex Doran on Nov 8, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by Alex Doran

Hi there, lately i have been struggling to get models to sit naturally on the floor within Visualize. If the model has un even surfaces it can sometimes be hard to rotate to the correct angle where points sit on the floor as they would naturally. In the Windows 10 3D Builder (i know, i know) there is a handy function called Drop to Floor, this free drops the model and lets it find its own position on the floor.


I can use this to orientate STL and other Mesh files before i import them into Visualize, but if i have a more complex model where i want to keep the Structure (like a Solidworks Assembly) i am unable to do this.


Is there a method i can use to achieve my goal? Might a feature like this be considered in a future update? I find it can really help photo realism if the object is sitting naturally.