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Driving cut-length dimension of part on Assembly level using same part for different assemblies

Question asked by Roman Avanesov on Nov 8, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2018 by Robbie De Smedt

I will try to make this as quick and simple as I can. A company i work for designs automatic doors, one of our subassemblies are door panels. The basic idea behind the door panels are the vertical components (stiles) and horizontal components (rails).


My goal: create a variable size door panel package that will automatically make the rials and stiles the appropriate length depending on the overall size of the door panel.


My challenge: the door rails and stile part files are created using an Insert> Part feature because these stiles and rails are made from a parent profile. I use an extruded cut feature in order to cut these 24 foot parent profiles to the appropriate size. The design table is out of question because my configurations of door rails and stiles include different machinings that make them left or right hand, as well as other options, so adding a length configuration would not work as I would need to basically make a derived configuration under each one of my current configurations.


Here is what I have been able to achieve so far: In my top level Door Panel Assembly, I have inserted my rails and stiles and located them about the origin using distance mates. I was then able to create an equation that drives my cut length of rail and equate it to the distance mate. This worked perfect and the rail changed size as I increased the width of the door. The problem, this now became the driving size of the rail, meaning that if one of my, say 48" wide door panels was set, then I could not find a way to make a 54" panel using the same rail as the cut length was equal to the dimension of the 48" wide panel.... is there any way to achieve what I am looking for?


Is there any way to equate the cut length of the rail and stiles ONLY on the assembly level and not have these equations propagate back to the part level of each file?


Any help will be gladly appreciated.


Thank you,