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Flexible Geometry

Question asked by Jonathon Cardenas on Nov 7, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2016 by Paul Salvador

How do you make flexible geometry? I am wanting to build a part in a 2D orientation and wrap the extruded geometry over some other parts. I want to build the part like this so I can; easily play with the non-rigid shape as I see how it is pressed against another part and can send off the part to be molded/cut. If there is a better way to build flexible geometry I am all ears.

I have watched the following videos; How to make a moving cable in SolidWorks - YouTube  and  Advanced SolidWorks Animation - Deformation - YouTube , but I have been extremely unsuccessful in replicating either one of those scenarios... I have no Idea where to begin.


I am operating off 2016 SW


Thank You