Kirk Jess

2009 license issue

Discussion created by Kirk Jess on Oct 11, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2008 by James Wendell
Has anyone else have issues trying to get the license file to recognize. I did the Installation Manager install. No issues. Uninstalled the old License manager. Installed the new one. Read in my existing license file, no problem, able to open SW08. Read in the 09 license file and got the first error.

I also added the log file. The license file is from the SW website. It is the temporary file they say to use. You can see the error when I add the temp file in.

The first pic is when I initially tried to open 09.
the second one shows the error when reading in the temp license file.
The 3rd is trying to open 09 with the error in the license file.
The 4th is the log file.

I swear every year it is a hassle to get the license files working. Any help would be appreciated.