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feature as reference for library parts

Question asked by Tomasz Piasecki on Nov 5, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2016 by Deepak Gupta


Currently Im looking into creating some furniture with SW. I want to use minifix(R) type of fasteners. You know - these small fellas that keep Ikea's Billy bookcase together, secured with screwdriver. I created library feature that takes two planes and an edge and creates proper holes. Now, I want to add fasteners and I would love to get behaviour of  snap hook and snap hook groove features - instead of pointing to walls and edges I can point to a featrue/part. When there are many conenctors, two more clicks per conenctor scale up pretty quickly.


And I want to have fasteners as separate parts so they show up in BOM.


My idea of workflow is create multibody part -> savea assembly -> BOMs, 2D drawings -> Dxf -> cutting ploter/part shop


Advice on any of these points will be more than welcome.



Tomasz Piasecki