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SWDM-api question seek help

Question asked by Tang Tang on Nov 5, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2016 by Tang Tang

At first,thank you fou your help.I'm a Chinese people,  I only can speak Chinglish.Sorry for my poor English. Please do me a favor. Thank you!

I‘m editing a SWDM-API,it's work on office-excel.  my editing tools is VBA.

the macro code as follows.It's usd for open a drawing ,then open a model has being used by  the drawing.

Now I can get the model's  ActiveConfiguration ,but My demand is open the model with the  Configuration being used by the drawing.

How should I do? Can anybody help me?

thank you very much.


Sub GetRefdModelPrp()

    Dim swDM As SwDMApplication

    Dim swDoc As SwDMDocument14

    Dim swClassfac As SwDMClassFactory

    Dim mOpenErrors As SwDmDocumentOpenError

    Dim swCfgMgr As SwDMConfigurationMgr

    Dim swModel As SwDMDocument12

    Dim dmSearchOpt As SwDMSearchOption

    Dim RefModelNameArr_  As Variant

    Dim vRefModelName_  As String

    Dim vActiveCfg_ As SwDMConfiguration12

   Const SWDMLicenseKey = "SWDMLicenseKey"


  FilePath_ = Cells(3, 1)

    FileName_ = Cells(3, 2)

    Set swClassfac = CreateObject("SwDocumentMgr.SwDMClassFactory")

    Set swDM = swClassfac.GetApplication(SWDMLicenseKey)

    Set swDoc = swDM.GetDocument(FilePath_ & FileName_, 3, False, mOpenErrors) 'Open drawing

    RefModelNameArr_ = swDoc.GetAllExternalReferences(dmSearchOpt) 'Get all Referenced model

    vRefModelName_ = RefModelNameArr_(LBound(RefModelNameArr_)) 'Get first Referenced model

    If "PRT" = UCase(Right(vRefModelName_, 3)) Then

        ModelType = 1


        ModelType = 2

    End If


    Set swModel = swDM.GetDocument(vRefModelName_, ModelType, False, mOpenErrors) 'Open Referenced model

    Set swCfgMgr = swModel.ConfigurationManager

    ActiveCfgName_ = swCfgMgr.GetActiveConfigurationName

    Set vActiveCfg_ = swCfgMgr.GetConfigurationByName(ActiveCfgName_)    '??? how can I get the  Configuration name being used by the drawing Referenced ?

                                                                                                                                'or how can I  then get ReferencedConfiguration after I get the model?



End Su