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Solidworks simulation problem

Question asked by Robin De Pauw on Nov 7, 2016



I have a small question as the title says. On the picture you can see that i'm trying to define the stresses and so of an electric step. The picture shows the part of the frame where you put your feet on. The purple forces represent the feet. The thing is now, i added a roller/slider fixture in the front where the pin is, so that it still can move. I did the same in the back. The shaft in the back is bounded at the two ends with the frame. The green force in the back is a fixed hinge because it has a bearing and a wheel attached ( which isn't drawn). The thing is when i mesh the frame and run it, it gives me a displacement of 5 mm, with only a load of 80 kg and it's static so i guess it's not correct.


I tried to change the roller/slider fixtures to advanced fixtures but i don't quite understand it. When i try to say to solidworks that it's fixed in one or another direction, the force is placed in a wrong direction. As on the second picture i want to say to solidworks that it can move in axial direction (length of the pin) but is fixed in any other directs, but why are the green forces shown in another direction then?


Any solutions or remarks on things i do wrong?


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*EDIT* still not fixed, accidentally pressed the 'assumed to be answered' button and don't know how to undo it.