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Can we run 64 bit SolidWorks with a 32 bit ERP

Question asked by Erik Balle on Oct 10, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2008 by Jiral Parikh
We are currently running SolidWorks 2008 SP 4.0 on 32 bit Windows XP, a couple of the users tried the 3 GB switch and seem to not crash as much with large assembies. We are using large assembies, there are assembies that were designed by an outside engineering firm that we can not open because we do not have enough memory. It is looking like we are needing to go to 64 bit so we can access more RAM. The one problem is that we are implementing a ERP system that the client part of the ERP appliction only has a 32 bit version. We also want to have the ERP system on the engineers workstations so we can do ECO, BOM mangement. The ERP system is called Intuitive manufactuing and it has a SolidWorks interface writen by that is embedded in SolidWorks, it compares the quantities and custom properties that are in the assembly and the linked parts in the ERP system. If there are any descrepncies between the two systems it will alert you and you can bi-directionly update the custom properties in the parts and assembies. It seems like the embeded interface would need to run at 64 bit if we are using the 64 bit SolidWorks version or is there a way to emulate a 32 bit to use the interface. Or do we use a dual boot with our computers, if we are using SolidWorks boot it up as a 64 bit machine or if we are using the ERP system and other 32 bit applications boot up as a 32 bit. On the computer that needs to use the interface maybe keep that one 32 bit and load everything lightweight so it does not use up all the RAM then use the ERP Solidworks interface.
I tried contacting SolidWorks and the ERP people and don't have any answers from them.