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    Batch Macro to create drawings of many parts in folder

    Alpeshkumar Patel

      Hello Gents,

      I am looking for a macro to do below. I have many identical parts designed for sheet metal. I would like to create drawings for each.


      Macro 1:

      Prompt a folder path

      Then automatically select .prt file 1 by 1 & create drawing for each with standard template( 3 view,flat pattern,note,custom properties)

      Resize the scale of views based on the drawing template/size


      If part has sheet metal feature, export 1:1 flat pattern DXF in same folder

      save & close the file.


      Macro 2:

      2nd macro :

      select .asm files, create drawing for each with BOM table,3 views,rescale as needed & close.


      I would appreciate any help on these. I am a starter in VB so dont know much. I am using SW2016 SP5.

      Thank you.