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    PDM Standard (How complicated are you?)

    Jaja Jojo

      How complicated is PDM standard i watch couple of videos in youtube for PDM and its look like im a Detective figuring out what inside a womans hearts,

                                                                  (note: i do not own this picture i just copied in google)


      I never use PDM and im only the one who will use since im only the one who use SW so we donot have a server, (So does PDM standard will work with me? I want to try since it is included in SW Premium 2017).

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          Jim Steinmeyer

          The first problem is that you will probably need your VAR to install and setup even PDM Standard. I tried to get instructions and they don't exist. At least nobody is giving them out. It would cost us $2000 to get is set up and a day and a half of training. So here we sit waiting to get funding approved.

               If you are a one man show I am not sure how much it will help you. To me one of the biggest advantages are that three people can be working in assemblies containing the same parts and not have to constantly be trying to find out who owns the parts you want to work on. I currently have a project to modify a couple of parts that are in a couple of dozen assemblies we have. Someone has one of those assemblies open and since they opened first, he has ownership and I have to either figure out who it is and get him to close or I have to wait. With PDM you only "Own" the parts you checkout to modify and can have all the others open without effecting anyone else.

               Secondly, since the files are stored in a "Vault" you can take out any files you want and modify them in your workspace without affecting the official files. You can even save different modifications of them on your computer along with unchanged files in assemblies. Then if you decide to keep one of the changes you can check it in and safely delete everything else without worrying about messing up anyone's links. No more having files of the same name in 14 different folders for different projects and not knowing which one is the official version.

               With that in mind there may be something that is valuable to you. With PDM it is much faster and easier to find parents and children to files and you can change locations of files without loosing links if you need to reorganize your files. We have our hardware in a design library but our piping and fittings are spread across the standard vault. I would like to bring them into the design library to be found easily but I would need to track the where used and fix all of the references. I may be able to do that in SWx Explorer but finding where used takes about 15 minutes per part. In PDM it takes seconds.

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              Jaja Jojo

              Wow! thats so much information thanks Jim Steinmeyer for pointing it, i did try to find solid instruction to install the PDM standard but i didin't find any solid instruction. From my current set up I'm satisfied without PDM since im the one who structure everything the only reason i want to use PDM is to experience what is it in to learn PDM since i never use them but if the cost is $2000 to get set up and run it then probbably it will not fit in me since im the only one which will use. But still i want to hear what others experience also and what they can say and maybe if time and resources permit then i would probably use it.

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              John Pesaturo

              No valid inputs here, just a free bump to the top with some concerns of our own.


              We use the Workgroup PDM currently and I'll admit we're stressing out over the changeover to PDM Standard. We're still awaiting confirmation from our VAR but the last User Group meeting we had attended had our IT person in a tailspin when they said attaching misc. documents such as word/excel or NC Code and alike may pose a problem. I can't see how this could be the case but only time will tell. I like to believe it when I see it vs. hear say so at this point we'll just wait and see.

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                Marijn Van Den Heuvel

                Just follow the http://files.solidworks.com/Supportfiles/PDMWorks_Ent_Installation/2016/English/Installation%20Guide.pdf  and you will be fine....

                Only difficult thing I had is the link with sql express, this was not in workgroup and this sql express thing is a bit difficult to understand.

                Glad our ICT already worked with SQL servers,(most probably do) and they had it running in a day.