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befuddled by linear pattern up to reference

Question asked by Rob Edwards on Nov 4, 2016



I've always used equations for my linear patterns, but this generally means using a driven variable somewhere, having an extra sketch knocking about and doing some maths, so I thought I'd look at using the up to reference functionality.


All I want to do here is pattern onto the two sketch points I've selected.  By trial and error I identified that its sketch points causing the problem.. No fuss is made that I've selected a sketch point and not a vertex, but it doesn't work.


If I extrude the hexagon and select the vertices it works, although when I just did this I had the sketch showing to choose the direction

and it selected the sketch point not the vertex and failed same as above.


Im on SW15SP4. Am I missing something or is this a bug or the way its meant to work?