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Who Fixes Entire Assemblies, and Why?

Question asked by S. Casale on Nov 4, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2016 by Roland Schwarz

Who Fixes Entire Assemblies, and Why?

Why not mate the bad boy to be fully defined?


This fixing sounds ridiculous to me, but I read of people doing this all the time. How can someone interrogate an assembly, and truly validate it if they can't verify that it can be put together? The only component in an assembly that ought to be fixed is the base/dominant component (I don't mean the first or initial component).


The only benefit I see of fixing an entire assembly is saving file size, and when the assembly will never be modified again.


What about Design Intent...............?


I once had to rework an entire assembly that was fixed by the person I had replaced at another company I worked with. It was still a WIP. Less than half of the assembly would actually work, and what nearly killed me was a majority of sketch and feature geometry was made by but not linked to other components in the assembly. Parts were being ordered. Hole locations didn't line up, sizes wouldn't have fit, interference was a major problem. No one else noticed. I had this problem with almost everything this guy had touched. [/rant]