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Display parts/subassemblies in same Vault project folder as parent assembly instead of nesting out of view?

Question asked by Andrew Bollman on Nov 3, 2016

Hello, I am wondering if instead of subassembiles and parts being nested under the parent assembly when viewing the Vault tree, can I choose to bump them upwards to be displayed directly in the Project folder?


If this doesn't make sense, imagine Project X has Assemblies "A1" - "Axx" in it, and one of them has a sub-assembly "SA1" inside it.  If I am looking for this subassembly and I don't know which parent assembly contains it, then I have to open up all the assemblies one by one looking for it (or search in the search bar but maybe I didn't remember it's exact name so I might prefer to just browse the Vault tree).  But if I could specially select SA1 to NOT be nested in the vault view, that would be perfect.


It's inconvenient if I'm looking for a subassembly to keep opening up assemblies looking for it.  So far the only way think I know of is to put the nested assemblies into a Project folder of their own, but there are also limits on when it makes sense to keep making new sub-folders.