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Offsetting equation driven curve, limiting frequency?

Question asked by Justin Brim on Nov 3, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by Rob Edwards

I am using solidworks 2015 to draw some fairly complex geometry (or seemingly so).  I basically have an equation generated curve that is based on a parametric equation.  I have a simple sine wave going around a circle.  I am using it as a construction sketch and then offsetting the curve on either side to extrude the solid.  The end result looks a lot like corrugated sheet metal roofing that is formed around a circle to make a cylinder.


The problem I keep running into is that when I put in the equation, there seems to be a limit on how many cycles I can put into the formula and still have the offset geometry work.  This image shows the problem when I put a frequency of 32n into the equation:Screenshot (6).png

This one shows it solving when I change the value to 31n:

Screenshot (7).png

I need the geometry to be slightly tighter (higher frequency).  I assume the program is just having a hard time interpolating with the offsets on the interior curves. I've tried using surface and thicken but it seems to have the same issue and fails.  Is there a setting I can change in the document properties to get this to refine the curve or is this just a limitation of solidworks that I have come up against?


Thanks in advance !