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    Creating an overlay

    Jim Sullivan

      Can Solidworks automatically draw phantom lines to show the minimum and maximum for a given dimension. 

      If not, is there a macro that would draw phantom lines representing the minimum and maximum dimensions for a parts.

      I want to create an overlay of a drawing for a comparitor so quality control can quickly measure parts.  

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          Anna Wood

          You need to attach your part files.


          Here is an example.


          I have a helper asm that I drop my part into.  There is a sketch in the part that defines the boundaries.  1 to 1 scale.  The assembly has the custom properties for the drawing.  Our chart has it own part number.


          Create a drawing and add a view at whatever scale is required.  My chart was 50X, so my view is 50:1 scale.  Show the sketch in the view and use Convert Entities in the slddrw view to create your line work that will be tied to your cad data sketch.


          No auto-magically create macros that I am aware of.

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            Gian Flavio Violi

            Hello Jim,


            There are several ways to achieve this. However, I would like more insight on how your part is modeled and what exactly do you want to do before I recommend a way forward.