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Open second part file, window shows black

Question asked by Charles Isaac-Samuel on Nov 4, 2016
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I don't know if this is the correct forum.


I have a strange issue.  It appears it may be a graphical issue but I can't be certain.  I can open up and run Solidworks just fine, and open up a part and view it regularly.  If I go to open up a second part file, it opens up and displays a completely black window, sometimes with edges highlighted in orange of the part file but usually not.  When I change my view by dragging with the mouse wheel pick and hold, I can see the part.  When I release the mouse wheel, the window goes black again.

Sometimes this causes wierd texture issues in the first part I open after the second part is open.  But the first part is visible.


System specs:

Solidworks 2016

Dell T3500

(2) Nvidia Quadro FX1800 cards (Nvidia Driver 340.52 - Solidworks Rx approved and recommended by the website)

Xeon W3580

24GB Ram

Win7 x64 Sp1


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